Plitvice lakes Croatia: Places to visit once in a lifetime

The place itself is amazing. The blue is unreal and the forest is calm even in the rain. The Park is known for its waterfalls and interconnected lakes. 16 Lakes and 90 Waterfalls you can see, and the Lower part was even better that the Upper one for us. The Lower Lakes area also includes the Great Waterfall (Veliki Slap), the highest waterfall in Croatia. 

We went with The H Option as a tour and saw all the major attractions. 

The wheater is very important when you come because water colors range from a bright emerald green, a deep blue, or a faded grey according to sunlight, or the number of minerals or organisms. The caves are inhabited too. By some strange organism, you can believe to come from the sea. 

The legends of Plitvice Lakes: 

  • The upper lakes are said to be created by the Black queen, whose magic brought the lakes as a response to inhabitants experiencing drought. 
  • The lower lakes are a hiding place for Gavanovo treasure. And the place where the Šupljara Cave, the place where a wise monk lived and who received people and gave wise advice. 

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Take on a trip to Plitvice Lakes:
  • A hat for summer, with the same magic feeling of this city. Try this.
  • A special dry body oil made for glamourous feelings, as a mermaid or queen by the french, Nuxe.
  • Must have a pair of wide-leg pants, like the ones here.
  • Try reading a book about Legends. The one of Jason and his golden fleece you can find here

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Plitvice lakes Croatia: Places to visit once in a lifetime

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