A special lake and true relaxation: My trip to Balaton

A huge lake in Hungary and a huge vacation destination, Lake Balaton will not disappoint. It was just a stop for us, but already it made its way on the list for another visit. Here are the things we discovered and we recommend.

Lake Balaton, Siofok: 10 reasons to visit and things to do


  1. Choose one of the major resorts around Lake Balaton. We went to Siófok, the second most popular holiday destination in Hungary after Budapest. And with all the bars, restaurants and activities, it will be enough to make your 1-2days escape.

2. The lake itself is a wonder, and once you pay the entry fee (1500 FT) you can admire the perfect shades of blue. There are small places with sand, but mostly there is grass and rocks. If you stay at a hotel, you’ll have a private ”beach”. The public entry has a Ferris wheel, and lots of bars and ice cream shops, along with small pools for kids and courts for sports.

3. Strengthen your leg muscles by walking into the lake. Prepare to walk for hundred of meters inside and the water will still be up to your knees. It’s one of the biggest surprises, the shallow water and the amazing sand on the bottom. So not much for swimming, but perfect for walking and taking pictures.

4.  Take a sunset boat cruise and for about 500 Ft you can enjoy a memorable evening and the amazing colors of the sunset painting the lake red. We recommend
Talizmán Kalózhajó for the ancient pirate look.


5. Make your way along the promenade, on the main street and its hundred of restaurants tempting you to sit and enjoy a renowned Hungarian dish, or pizza, or pasta or whatever you want. Then have fun in the Carnaval attractions, like strength apparatus, mini bumping cars or tattoo parlors.


6. Walk the panoramic way to the lighthouse and admire the sailing boats there, the singing fountain and the swans congregating on the lake, the kids playing in the last light of the day and the lovers walking hand in hand feet in the water. It’s truly a calming experience.


7. Make your way to the stage inside the park and see what music program they prepared for the evening, as most nights the entertainers make the people sing and dance.


8. Go explore the town and climb up the water tower for sweeping views, the Reverse House in Siofokand the Kálmán Imre Múzeum, dedicated to the famous Hungarian composer.


9. For a complete summer experience, visit Zamárdi (10 kilometers southwest of Siófok) in July. The beach here hosts Balaton Sound electronic music festivalwith DJs like Afrojack, Hardwell, Nicky Romero, Tiesto, a  5-day mega event you can plan into your trip.


10. Siofolk is so close to Budapest that you can make Balaton a stop in a perfect 3 days city break in the capital. The city is beautiful and worth your time, and you can check my blog for MUST DO Activities in Budapest in a city break.

Any suggestions for us are always welcomed! 

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Decide on a trip to Balaton
  • If you want a place to stay just across the street from the entry into the lake resort, here’s a nice place.
  • Make sure you don’t forget a list of a few essentials: a pair of binoculars, to see over and across the lake and see the swans closer>Like these, the perfect walking shoes, inspired by swans > Like these.

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A special lake and true relaxation: My trip to Balaton