A trip to Odorhei: what to do and how to enjoy 3 days in a spa and a mine

Harghita has a lot of small treasures for you to discover, but a few days at a spa above and a few hours in the salt mine below and you can truly say you’re one with nature.

Odorhei: 10 reasons to visit, things to do and

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  1. Make sure to plan a three-day trip this summer at Odorheiul Secuiesc. Stay at Septimia Resort and Spa, as you can have the best of two worlds: nice clean air and a nice soak and place to work on your tan.2. Enjoy a day at the spa. The inside is nice and clean, the pool is large and the smaller salted water pools are refreshing. Also, book a professional massage and let yourself be pampered. (The outdoor pool should be nice too, once is warm enough, there are bikes to rent too).
    3. Speaking of pampering, the food is just amazing here. Work up an appetite, play some pool or bowling. Then get into those dishes, as great as they look.4. Visit the city. Some cool small streets and bridges, and you can enjoy a nice ice cream in ”Secuiul Calator” Memorial Park, with 13 statues representing historical local figures. See the 1770 baroque building of Colegiul Reformat, the Franciscan Church with the 200 years old organ and the historical City hall.

    5. Make the trip to the Sackler Gates. The 16 traditional gates take you up the hill as you admire the saved gates, the oldest one a 200 years old relic. Mahe your way up through them and enjoy the view.

    6. Next door is the Mini Transylvania Park which features over 30 miniatures of castles, fortresses and churches. read their histories and decide where to go next, because they are so cautiously crafted.

    7. Make sure to save a day for a visit to Salina Praid and Sovata. The huge underground salt mine is made for relaxing and breathing in the beneficial air, gives fun options once there and ancient salt pillars. And before leaving the area, get inside the Butterfly House. And once done, go up to Sovata and take a stroll around Lacul Ursului.

    8. Stop at the Straw Hat Museum in the Crișeni Village and see a 2 m and 2.5 kg monster hat. You can preted you’re in rural America and you stop for another attraction on the larger side.

    9. Make a half a day trip to Ivo (Izvoare) and see the wild animals here. It’s a 20km trip and you can immerse in nature even more.

    10. Jump out of the car into the cart :)) with a little trip by train. The ”Mocanița” in Sovata is a great experience and you can enjoy the 2-3 hours of rocking. At the end of the line you can eat and buy some local food, and you can wave your bay back ready for the modern ways of transportation again.

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A trip to Odorhei: what to do and how to enjoy 3 days in a spa and a mine