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Almost three hours away from Cluj you can choose a place to relax and enjoy the misty mountains overlooking a lake. The Lake is Colibita and the views are amazing. The Resort…let’s see: 

It currently has 45 rooms, at a 3 star rating. There’s also a beach for summer stays, a deck to start the lake cruise, pools heated for all seasons and an indoor spa. 

People call Colibita The sea in the mountains. The beach here stays true to that name. But the real reason you should go is the concentration of ozone in the air. At Colibita it is 90 micrograms/m3. The average value in Romania is 72.6 micrograms/m3. And you know how ozone therapy is good for the lungs. 

The resort itself is big enough and it can be a great base if you want to visit the Dracula Castle Hotel for a lunch (great food there, but temporarily closed in nov 2022) and Tihuta Pass. The pass was made famous by Bram Stoker‘s novel Dracula. It was called „the Borgo Pass” and the fog, snow and views make it a real setting for such a story. 

Now about our stay at Fisherman’s:  

The Bungalows were rated at 4 stars when we went there. We booked a bungalow on the waterfront, for the view and the privacy.

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The room was big, warm, and cozy from the floor heating and the fireplace, and amazing to wake up in. You can enjoy champagne or beer with a view and take a walk to clean your lungs. The food was not great. Today, the reviews on Google stand at 42% unfavorable and 45% positive from 385 reviews. 

We would definitely recommend the winter and summer months because I think the services would excel then. In the autumn we lacked regular cleaning services, fresh food, and all the activities. 

Conclusion: Colibita is a place to visit in any season. Great for hikes, relaxing and water sports, it also has the advantage of a beautiful setting, soaked in ozone.

But choose the place to stay with care and let me know if your experience is different at Fisherman’s Colibita. 



Destination Review – Fisherman’s Colibita

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