My trip to Zagreb: 10 Must Do Activities and Sights

Zagreb is a lot smaller compared to other capitals, like Paris, Madrid, Vienna or Budapest. But also, it has its unique kind of charm. And quirks. Here is why one of the oldest cities in Europe (dating back to 1094) it is worth a visit!

My trip to zagreb :10 Must Do Activities and Sights 

The places people go while in Croatia are Lake Bled, Plivitce Park and the cities on the coast, like Dubrovnik and Trogir. But a stop in the capital is worth it for a walk, a history tour and a panorama ride in one of their blue trams. 

1. Start by making a tour of the city in one of the blue trams. The ride is comfortable and you’ll be able to pinpoint places to come back later. And the tram ticket is one of the cheapest in Europe, at just 4 kuna. You can get it at any newsstand or at the conductor. 

Fun fact: The closing of the tram doors sounds like the sound effect from Psycho or Jaws and it was so creepy until it became fun!

2. Admire the Habsburg design on the Lower Town and walk the parks, visit the Art Pavilion and the Botanical Garden Pavilion. The lower town is the modern part of Zagreb, but the art deco influences and the green spaces will make for a great walk. The Oktogon passage is a must-see. 

3. Walk the Gric Tunel, a pedestrian tunnel located in the city center under the historic neighborhood of Grič. Built during WWII as a promenade and bomb shelter, now it’s just a great strange walk. Imagine this being used in case of air strike and then be happy we live in relative peace today. 

4. Then visit the Strossmayer Promenade above, for a panorama view of the city. The tunnel and the romenade make your introduction to Gornji Grad (Upper Town) and the imposing Lotrščak Tower. Each day exactly at 12:00 you can see the cannon blast from one of the windows here. The Upper town was my favorite, with lower houses, cobbled streets like Ulica Ivana Tkalčića and beautiful details, like the Old Stone Gate with the Shrine of Virgin Mary inside, and the Church of St. Marcus, a gothic-style building with a very pretty roof. Stop at the pub called Tolkiens House. Stay a while. Enjoy the views. 

After the visit to the Upper Town you can come back by way of the and then you can come back down on the shortest funicular ever :). The ticket here is the same as for a tram ride. 

5. Visit the landmark cathedral, with a beautiful gothic interior, and the Mirogoj cemetery. Both are places of contemplation and both are designed by one of the most popular architects in Austria in 19th century, Hermann Bollé (he is buried there too).


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6. Stay in the hustle and bustle of the Ban Josip Jelačić Square, the central square in Zagreb and then start the chase for the Zagreb Solar System. In 2004 designer Davor Preis made an installation with models of nine planets. You can find them all over the city. This is the sun, close to the city center. 

7. Get inside museums. Zagreb is known for having the biggest number of museums per capita in the world. There are 30 museums, 45 galleries and a dozen or so art exhibitions. We choose the Museum of Broken Relationships, to balance well against the Love Stories Museum in Dubrovnik. Just as in Vienna, some museums, like The Archaeological Museum of Zagreb, offer free entry on the first Sunday of every month. 

8. Also, hunt down the best street art. A park is made for graffiti Art Park Zagreb, and art installations, also near the University Students Center, Siget areas in Novi Zagreb are used by young artists to express themselves. 

9. Let’s talk about food. It’s great, like in all of Croatia. We recommend the local food at Pri Zvoncu and Pingvin for the sandwiches. As for the local craft beer and cocktails, let’s just say you’ll need accommodation nearby. 

One of the best bars is Program, impressive just as much as the New York caffee in Budapest. 


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And while I was a declared fan of the strukli in Slovenia (Ljubliana) here the strukli is completely different. I’ll recommend the place because it comes with good reviews, but the cheesy, burning desert here is an acquired taste. Visit La Štruk and make up your own mind. 



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Fun fact> In Zagreb was invented the first fountain pen, by Slavoljub Penkala. So a handwritten postcard from here to your friends might be a nice touch. A

10. Relax in the Botanica Garden and visit the Pavilion. After all the drinking and eating, half a day here will feel like a restart. The garden has 10,000 species of plants and a beautiful red Pavilion as a museum. And continue the immersion into nature by planning a day trip nearby to Lake Bled, a 2 hours drive from Zagreb. 

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My trip to Zagreb: 10 Must Do Activities and Sights

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