What to do in Timisoara in 3 days: 10 Must Do activities

Mainly because Japan is too far away at the moment, I was surprised by my husband with a trip to Timisoara to see the cherry trees in bloom. Once there, we took one of the top 10 best tasting lunch in Romania (for us) and we explored this chic city, with boats, planes and lots of art.

We made a list for you to check on your travels, and make sure you got the most of the experience once in Timisoara. We will also recommend a hotel there, because the room was a combination of art, tech and views and offered one of the best stays we had in Romania.

The 2 events you should not miss when in Timisoara

1. PLAI festival in September, a festival for all ages and the entire community, for the community, with music, workshops and lots of creative people.

2. Flight festival  in September – music, tech and art, planes: something for everyone.

What to do in Timisoara for 3 days

General things to consider first, and then a list of 10 Must-Do Things to do in Timisoara, to get the most out of the experience and the city. 

Here we go: we recommend April-May, to catch the beautiful cherry trees in bloom, and September for the festivals. The light in these seasons should make the city even more attractive.

Be sure to make the most of the views and the light by booking a stay at Hotel Mercure, an exceptional-rated hotel near the Orthodox Cathedral. The details in the rooms, the floor-to-ceiling windows and the special bathroom make it a must-go as a base for your 3 days visit.

1. Start with Piata Unirii and Piata Victoriei. Revel in the baroque style and the beautiful colors. The four buildings to the North of Unirii Square are known as Casele canonicilor, while to the South you can take more colorful pics capturing Casa Bruck, in its art nouveau style. In Victoriei Square you can see the Opera and the Mitropolitan cathedral.

2. Discover some old and essential buildings, like Huniade Castle (the oldest building in Timisoara and the Maria Theresia bastion, with the walls of the Old Timisoara City, and even the old Fabrica de Bere, the first beer factory in Romania, or Casa Faenza, a novel building with a sad but hopeful story.

3. Be sure to explore the smaller streets and take in every detail in the special doors and little flourishes of the architecture. There’s even an Instagram account I love with special secret places all over Timisoara for you to discover.

4. Stop for a beer at Fabrica de bere, the 80s Pub or Curtea Berarilor. All are amazing places, and you can read the history of Timisoareana on the walls, see the apparatus used to make beer and say Cheers with a beer in these authentic places. Make room for the local food we enjoy every time.

5. Eat a Pleskevita to go, a must-have while in Timisoara. It’s one of the best hamburgers you will have, with special local meat seasoned to perfection and only found here in Banat. Walk to Alba Iulia Street while eating it and you’ll be just in time to take the perfect photo under multicolored umbrellas.

6. Work off the extra kilos by walking the beautiful parks. Stroll the banks of the river Bega, marvel at the cherry trees and flowers everywhere. Go toward the Elisabetin neighborhood to see beautiful Secession architecture. The Roses park is amazing too, as is the Botanical Park and Iulius park. Queen Mary Park is the oldest in town, and I promise, there are enough parks to put those legs to work. And you might even get across the Lovers Bridge and you can let a lock there as a promise to forever remember to hang on to the memories.

7. Take a boat ride down the Bega river. It’s fun for kids and adults too.

8. After all that walk, a big hearty meal is in order. A great restaurant serving Serbian food, with a similar correspondent over the border, is Dinar. Hand to heart, it was one of the best meals I had in Romania. The desert is to die for.

9. Visit the Village Museum of Banat and get lost in time. Here takes place the PLAI festival in the autumn.

10. Meditate in the silence of the Cathedrals, another trip into history, different than the Village museum, but just as relaxing. The Piarist Church, Millenium Church, Metropolitan Cathedral, The Notre Dame (yes, here in Timisoara), Saint Catherine Church, Roman Catholic Church Holy Cross, Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Amazing architecture and special places for those who love stained glass art, contemplation and silence.

A list of shopping before visiting: 

Thank you for reading, have a great time in Timisoara!

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Traveler tip: Take a tram and enjoy the old machines, as they are part of the local charm. 


What to do in Timisoara in 3 days: 10 Must Do activities

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