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Spectacular in the winter, true cool joy in the summer, we give you a perfect location for a wellness retreat: Balvanyos Resort and Spa. Located in Covasna, near Lake Sfânta Ana (which is unique in this part of Europe as a volcanic lake), it’s comfortably perched at 850 m above sea level inside a dense forest. You get there on winding roads, perfect for a drive in a convertible, on a bike or motorcycle. And once there, the wellness begins.

A wellness retreat in Balvanyos: 10 things to do and

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  1. Enjoy the Spa inside Balvanyos Resort. Grand Santerra Spa has 7 swimming pools, 3 saunas, a steam bath and a salt room, an ice fall and a cool pool and a beautiful outside warm pool that is stunning in the winter time. It stretches on over 2,000 square yards and complete relaxation is a sure thing. Also, waking up to nature right outside the massive window is so cool.

2. Before going up to Balvanyos or as a day activity, spend a few hours in Baile Tusnad, 35 minutes away. Best for a quaint atmosphere and great trail exploring, you can get to the mineral water museum or on a hike up to Piatra Șoimilor natural reservation. 


3. If the baths inside are great, the outside with the lush forests provide a well-deserved nature bath. Recharge and explore the area, carefully though, as there may be bears, foxes and other fauna to cross your path.

4. Make it so that you can get a bike up to Lake Sfanta Ana, the only Crater Lake in all of Romania and Central Europe. Perfect for a sled run in the winter and a nice relaxing stroll in the summer, the road there and down to the lake are rare occasions to disconnect from the world, on marked trails and bridges made of wood. There’s even a legend about the name and you can read it here.

5. Enjoy a romantic dinner inside one of the two restaurants there. Choose either Gastrolab or Fork restaurant for a fine dining experience.

6. Take another morning stroll to The Puturoasa Cave, which can be reached on foot in 15 minutes from the resort. It’s an extreme environment, unique for displaying life in a gas chemocline and toxic, as you can imagine.

7. Take in some air on a bike ride on the roads near Balanyos. You can rent bikes at the Resort and explore until your lungs had their full.

8. One hour away is a place reminding the traveler of another cemetery in Romania: The Happy Cemetery in Sapanta. This one here features 100 carved pillars to remind us of the sacrifices of a group of soldiers in the 1848-49 defensive warfares.


9. Indulge in a special Spa treatment. Whether you choose a volcanic rock massage or a volcanic earth wrapping, the sensation at the end will be that of rebirth.

10. There’s an adventure park, a wall made for climbing, electric bikes and off-road laps in a special car, and a bear observatory to keep you safe while you spy on the wild animal life. I also see that they added a KÜRTŐSKALÁCS work-class, to make the famous sweet dessert.


Any more suggestions for a wellness retreat in Romania? Let us know!

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Decide on a wellness retreat in Romania, at Balvanyos and make sure you don’t forget a list of a few essentials:

a thermal blanket if you decide to camp near the lake and something to protect you from wildlife.

– this book, because it has the same feel of a faraway and cut-off retreat: The Sanatorium, a murder mystery to keep you entertained.

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Wellness retreat: 3 days with spa, forest baths and a volcanic lake