Tomorrowland Festival Explained: Tomorrowland Global Journey Package price and opinion

Tomorrowland is SOLD OUT every year.  There are 10 types of tickets to choose from for Tomorrowland, from the regular 3-day pass to packages with trips and camping or plane. I talk about them in another blog, here

In this blog, let me tell you more about the Tomorrowland Global Journey Package we had in 2023. 

What is the Tomorrowland Global Journey package?

Considering we tried for 2 years and failed, 2023 year was special. Why? We were lucky and got to the website in time to grab a Global Journey package. It’s one of the easiest ways to get a ticket, but one of the more expensive ones. It includes passes and one of the following> hotel, train+hotel, plane+hotel, bus+hotel. 

How fast does the Tomorrowland Global journey package sell out?

The tickets in this category sell slower than the regular passes and the camping area ones, but in 2023, in the regular sale in February, ALL TICKETS were SOLD OUT in 10 minutes. 

How much does the Tomorrowland cost?

Package prices vary between 295 euros and 589 euros in 2023 for the regular tickets, to 800-2500 euro for the Global Journey packages and up to 5200 euros for the Montagow Packages (the luxury experience). 

You can use the Tomorrowland global journey price simulator to make an idea about the prices. 

Tomorrowland ticket sale dates

  1. Pre registration (started 6th December in 2023 until February 3 2024) You have to make an account with valid email and real name and info
  2. GLOBAL JOURNEY TRAVEL PACKAGES start SALE Saturday January 20, 2024 – 17:00 CET
  3. WORLDWIDE PRE-SALE, Saturday January 27, 2024 – 17:00 CET (tickets and Dreamville (camping) packages
  4. WORLDWIDE TICKET SALE, Saturday February 3, 2024 – 17:00 CET. 

Is Tomorrowland Global Journey Package worth it?

Well, yes. You get to go to Tomorrowland with an exclusive group of only 400.000 people. And millions tried to get tickets. As an example, a concert of Boris Brejna in Budapest in 2023 was 50 euro for the least expensive ticket. He played at Tomorrowland. Add him to other top DJ and bands and you get more than you spend. 

On top of the atmosphere and the amazing stage. 


What do you get in the Tomorrowland Global journey package?

You arrive at the Hotel and a representative welcomes you with a goodie bag and the schedule for the days ahead. 

Plus the schedule and location for the Before Party. Everyday at breakfast (included meal), you get the Tomorrowland paper. 

You get transport to the festival grounds and back (1-1,5 hours from the hotel).

And 2 Full Madness Passes, with a different design bracelet than the other packages.


The bracelet is one of the pluses of the festival because it has a cool design in leather and some people even collect them and wear them all and it’s a great subject for a conversation. 


Before Tomorrowland, you get The Invited Brussels Party, for Global Journey Ticket holders

At 6 pm on Thursday before the festival, all the people outside Dreamville are expected at a big party in the city. For the people inside the camping – those with the  MAGNIFICENT GREENS,  CAMP2CAMP, Friendship garden , Easy tent and Montage Packages have their separate party. 

In 2023, the location for the party hosted for people with Global Journey, Train or Fligh Packages was Gare Maritime, the largest wood structure in Europe. 

But the location changes every year. 

Get there and back to the hotel on your own, because they do not provide transport. Also, it’s a cashless party, and as soon as you arrive, transform some euro into tokens, because later in the night the lines are growing. 

As a general idea, a beer was 1 token (3 euro), a pizza 4 tokens (in 2023). Take a tour of the area and estimate how many tokens you need, as they are nonrefundable and you don’t want to get stuck with them instead of money. Also, the tokens are not available on the Festival grounds. There, you need to charge your bracelet. 

So convert just the right amount you need. 

The atmosphere at the party is made by local DJ’s from Belgium. The bigger names play at the Gathering, the party for the people in the campsite called Dreamville. You can’t attend The gathering unless you have tickets for Dreamville and people in Dreamville can’t come to Invited Brussels. 

The atmosphere is great and one of the best moments is seeing people with their flags. 



Global Journey Hotel Package description

In 2023, a Global Journey Hotel Package (includes 1 Full Madness Pass for 3 days) started at 600 euro and can pass 3000 euro. A Silver Hotel room and 2 Passes cost us 1900 euro. 

You can choose or be lucky to get a Hostel, a Bronze, a Silver or a Gold Hotel, a Theme Hotel or a Concept Hotel in Brussels (1.5 hours away from the festival).

How to get to Tomorrowland Festival grounds?

 A shuttle takes you there and back every day if you have the Global Journey package.

Busses are leaving each day at noon (12 pm), near the hotels. The trip from Brussels to Boom – where the festival will take place every year until 2060- takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes. If you miss the bus you have to get your own transport (train, taxi) as there are no other means of transport provided by them. 

It’s amazing to see signs with Tomorrowland on the freeway there. Everything at the location is very well organized and thousands of busses leave people there in an organized and civil way. The downside is that some sets start at 1 pm and you will lose those for sure with the queue inside. Realistically, you’re in the front of the main stage at 14.30 at the latest.

A suggestion for the organizers would be to make the drivers put music inside the buses because you want to get into the party mood and in 2023 some buses were missing this vibe. But other drivers came prepared 🙂

On the return trip, you will need to remember the BAY for your Hotel and the bus will be there waiting to take you home at 1-2 a.m. From the main stage to the bus, you make about 7000 steps (1 hour). But no worries, the organizers provide water on the way, toilets, and some entertainment (fire jugglers, costumed entertainers etc). 

The walk back to the buses after a day of dancing is excruciating, a 7km walk that drove me almost insane. And it may be the only reason that makes me want to recommend a Camping Ticket. But then again, the people in tents fought the weather so…The hot shower at 3 AM was worth it. 

What can you not bring into Tomorrowland?

You have to have your bracelet on your right wrist, an ID on your phone and the ticket on your phone too. 

You can’t bring glass, but bring a plastic hydration bag, as there is water inside and you can refill it. 

You can’t bring umbrellas but do bring a rain poncho. There was at least 1 day of rain in both 2022 and 2023 editions, on both weekends. remember that Belgium has unpredictable weather and during the day, even in July, temperatures can go from 33 degrees Celcius to 15. And from Sun to Rain. 

Best Advice for first-time Tomorrowland Festival party-goers:

  • What should I pack for Tomorrowland? –  2 pairs of shoes, you will need the change or else the pain will kill you. Expect to walk up to 33.000 steps in a day. Dancing is sometimes not included in this number🙂 For one, you can avoid tired legs like this and alternate the pairs between days. And another reason, in 2023 a rain soaked our shoes and we felt blessed the next day with the clean dry second pair. 

  • Get to the stage you want to see an act on at least 30 minutes or 1 hour earlier because the stages indoors get packed. To get there soon, leave the stage you are on 2 hours earlier. You cannot imagine the size of the grounds. And the amount of people there. Overestimate everything!
  • They have an app for you to gather your favorite artists. But don’t make a strict schedule. Instead, enjoy the small stages. 
  • Payment in Tomorrowland is made in Pearls (1,75 euro= 1 pearl). Once you get the bracelet, you can top up using the website, which is convenient because if you are going to charge them at the site, there are queues. Also, after the festival, if you still have unspent money, they will be refunded in about 2 weeks. Some prices in 2023 (1 small Jupiler beer 2 pearls, 1 XL beer 3,75, red wine 4.25, Belgian Fries 3,50, Burger 7-8 pearls).  
  • You don’t have to buy water, if you have a plastic hydration bag (or collapsible oneO0 you can refill it as many times you want. 
  • Get EAR PLUGS, we have these and they worked great. Tomorrowland sells some, but they are overpriced in our opinion. 


  • Get your flag, there’s something special to be a part of a sea of flags
  • Bring muscle pain cream with you, >))
  • Dress in white and shining, it will look amazing in the closed stages.
  • They have sun protection and deodorants at the bath areas, and it’s nice
  • Get glow-in-the-dark accessories for the impact
  • Get a locker for 25 euro for the 3 days and you can leave your battery pack, medicine, and other stuff in there and come with just your phone the next day. 
  • get a phone cord to avoid theft
  • even if all the Tomorrowland is cash free, keep a few euros on you o tip the driver of the shuttle or some people from the organizing team. 
  • The sun sets on the right of the Main Stage as you look at it, just so you know that sitting on the left can bother your eyes and photos. 
  • The toilets near the Main Stage and Library Stage are always the least congested. 
  • End your nights on a different stage, because the end is the same on the Main Stage every Night. So don’t waste potential shows just to see the same ending ceremony. (Unless your favorite artist is playing). Even on the last night, there is nothing special (fireworks show) on the Main. The little stages are closed for the last 30 minutes or 1 hour of the festival, so visit the larger ones (Main, Freedom, Library).
  • We recommend Elixir stage and Moose bar (must see).
  • As a pro tip> Don’t try to see both Afrojack and Like Mike, their sets are really similar. Our discoveries in 2023 Soul shakers, Joris Voorn, La Fuente, Yves V&Regi, Alok. 

Some of the Stages at Tomorrowland:

  • Freedom Stage – audiovisual experiences (it had Anima in 2023) and Eric Prydz. 
  • Rose Garden with the famous moving Dragon, it plays liquid drum and bass DJ’s
  • Elixir Stage had latino mixes and nice dance music
  • Mesa Garden is chill and has a restaurant and lounges
  • The Terra Solis stage is inspired by the Dubai location of Tomorrowland
  • Youphoria is psychedelic music and trance. Once Monstercat, now Euphoria, this stage is trippy
  • Crystal Garden hosts eclectic beats
  • Atmosphere Stage is another covered stage with LED screens
  • Core stage is for the heart
  • Rise Stage had new DJ@s
  • The Library is famous and famous people play on it (even Paris Hilton idk). Like I said, Library is close to the Main stage, as it MooseBar, a vibrant place filled with people of all ages and nationalities. It was one the nicest places and the atmosphere there was amazing, with a DJ paying songs from every country and people singing along. 
  • The mainstage is …. amazing


Why is Tomorrowland so special? 

  • The main stage in 2023 was 43 m high and 160 m wide
  • In 2023, they used 740 square meters of video tiles and 1050 lamps
  • They added 10 hot air balloons – really, 48 fountains (on stage, yes), 15 waterfalls (on stage, yeeesss!)
  • The sound is amazing – 230 speakers and subs, 30 lasers
  • There are over 10 stages, all very detailed
  • There are 600 DJ’s playing in 2023
  • The tickets in the Global sale were sold in 10 minutes in February 2023
  • The first edition was in 2015, the crowd was 8700 people
  • On Saturday 7 April 2012, 2 million people worldwide were ready for one of the 100,000 tickets offered, the definitive international breakthrough of Tomorrowland. Today, there are more. 
  • in 2023, there were 600.000 people from 200 countries
  • They evacuate the area at the end of the shows (so 600.000 people) in les than 30 minutes. It’s impressive. 
  • The internet is perfect even with all the crowd

Tomorrowland people. 

People are interesting here, considering they gather from all around the world. And of all ages.

Tomorrowland is a bucket list experience. 


The ecosystem is so powerful that Reddit groups are talking about Tomorrowland, there are Discord groups and Whats app groups, and when you are there you get a newspaper printed by Tomorrowland about Tomorrowland. And people help one another. 


An alternative to Tomorrowland is Untold festival in Cluj. The concept is a little different, as the festival in Cluj is more focused on experiences and sponsors compete to bring free stuff and photobooths and video booths and other things to do during the day and the party is mainly at night. Armin van Burren is known to mix here until 8 am, for 3-4-5 hours at a time. 

But similar to Tomorrowland, it’s a good value for money if you want to see multiple big names in music (in 2023, Imagine Dragons had a performance at Untold). The festival in Transylvania does not have a camping and be advised, some rooms cost up to 500 euros a night. 

Be brave and take a step inside one of the holly grounds of music! Live today, Love tomorrow, Unite forever!

Safe travels,

The GALs, Catalina&Florin

”We’re a couple in love with travel and research. We hope to give you some good tips from experience so that you can have the best of times.”

Decide on a trip to Tomorrowland with these essentials:
  • Earplugs Alpine Party plug 
  • A special dry body oil made for glamourous feelings Nuxe Body Oil
  • A raincoat because it’s Belgium and it can rain cats and dogs, so get a Rain Poncho
  • Special cool boots like these Boots
  • A special dress for a festival fairy look Festival Dress
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 And a video from Tomorrowland 2023 and one of the best Festival Main Stages ever


Tomorrowland Festival Explained: Tomorrowland Global Journey Package price and opinion

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