Destination Review – Sighisoara, Romania

A UNESCO World Heritage destination in Romania, the medieval town of Sighisoara is a beautiful little gem. Until 2020 it held an annual medieval festival and this worldwide celebrated quaint town takes you back to ages long gone. Still, even without the festival, here are a few reasons to visit Sighisoara, Romania. 

 The city is 120 de kilometri from Brasov, 95 de kilometri from Sibiu, and 221 de kilometri from Bucuresti. You can get there by car or train. 

10 reasons to visit Sighisoara, Romania

The city is famous for its 9 towers. So the first step would be to discover them. 

  1. Climb the ancient Sighișoara Clock Tower,  a 64 m-high tower built in the 13th century and a museum. 

From here you can see the other towers, like the Butcher’s Tower or the Tanner’s Tower. 

2. Climb the covered steps. For lovers and kids, this climb itself is an adventure. 

3. See the quiet Church on the Hill, at the end of your climb. One of the most representative buildings of the gothic site of Romania. 

4. Monastery Church, the only church without  bell, a rare sight. They thought that one bell in the city was enough. Built at the beginning of the 13th century, it’s a great landmark and a quiet place to relax and contemplate on the city.  

5. Walk among the 164 houses with different details in this small city center. They are over 300 years old and you can find treasures everywhere. 

6. Meet the town band, a group of people dressed in costumes that announce the time and welcome you into the city. 

7. Stay for a portrait, as the local paintor is happy to imortalize the moment. 


8. Go to a candlelight dinner, inside a beautiful restaurant in an old house. 

9. Buy a souvenir handmade in Transylvania, as the city’s cobbled-stoned streets are filled with artists. 

10. Meet the locals and let them tell you about the history of the place. Some people stay on the steps outside their homes and welcome travelers. 

Where to stay in Sighisoara:

Stay at San Gennaro Sighisoara – The little inn is located in the heart of the old town and it’s worth it not only for this, but for the old feel and sound o the stairs inside, the terase and the view.


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The room was big, warm, and cozy and they have little traditional details to make the experience more authentic.


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Today, the reviews on Google stand at 4.2 out of five in 411 reviews and the price in September 2023 is around 65 Euro.  

We would definitely recommend the place. 

Conclusion: Sighisoara is the place to visit in any season. Great as a starting point for hikes (a beautiful waterfall nearby), relaxing and doing some architecture hunting, it also has the advantage of a great location. 



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Destination Review – Sighisoara, Romania

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