A trip to Sinaia: what to do and how to enjoy 3 days at the mountain

Sinaia is a picturesque and chic little city in Bucegi Mountains. Here are some ideas for your visit and 10 pics I selected from our visit in July 2021.

Sinaia: 10 reasons to visit, things to do and

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  1. Make sure to plan a three days trip to Sinaia if you want to see one of the old royal retreats of the nobility in Romania. It is said that 800 tourists came here daily to the Casino and the Orient Express still stops here.
  1. Visit in the summer if you love speed and walks. Make sure it’s July to watch the national CNVC championship, with cars speeding up the hill and engines revving.
  1. Visit in the winter if you love snow sports and take the gondola up from 1400 m to 2000m.
  1. Enjoy a day at the spa no matter the season at Hotel Sinaia, just in the middle of all the action in the summer. Great views and a good starting point for visiting all the attractions in Sinaia.
  1. No matter the season, make a building hunt and capture more than the imposing Peles and Pelisor Castles. Palas Hotel, the town hall in a neo-Romanian style, and houses with german renaissance influences (Hotel Regal).
  1. One of the attractions is the train station, the old and the new, both called royal stations. Cute and small, take some pictures near the old locomotive and the vintage car in the back and then visit the great Train exhibition hidden in the corner. Lots of small and painstaking trains are arranged on tracks. (Be advised that in 2021 when we visited it was open but at the time of me writing this July 2022 it’s closed for administrative reasons).
  1. Relieve a royal evening. Take a stroll on the main street, stop at the little cafe in the park that plays Parisian tunes and enjoy the view, a meal, and a visit to the casino. The first board member of this casino was Edgar de Marcay, also involved with the Monte Carlo you will feel this history on the streets.
  1. Make a half a day trip to Bușteni and enjoy the sights of this more commercial mountain retreat. Maybe go up the Screaming Waterfall (Cascada Urlătoarea) or try another round on the gondola there (careful, there’s a risk of crowds).
  1. A picnic close to Sinaia is a great idea if you had your fill of the local cuisine. Just choose one trail and stop where you fall for the view. Beware of bears (we actually were warned that one was nearby on our visit).
  1. Jump on trains. It was a theme for us traveling here and either you chose the little scenic train up the mountain (Sinaia Express) or a real train that you take to Bușteni and back, you’ll further go back into the past and contemplate the lives of the people gathering here 100 years ago.


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  • Make sure you don’t forget a list of a few essentials: bear spray for protection (just be advised that it’s better not to bother then and be careful where you venture), and the perfect emerald dress for a royal mountain resort summer night stroll and Casino visit.

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A trip to Sinaia: what to do and how to enjoy 3 days at the mountain