1 zi la 2 zile de V-day


Interdependent individuality under sheets

Rarity of only me și Oddity of only you sunt poezii de citit în doi sau în oglindă. Și într-o zi de 14, ca în fiecare zi de altfel, în orice cuplu e vorba de 2 individualități. Și ele se mai citesc așa:

Rarity of only me

My heart- only half your footprint
never keeps impressions and
Blood mostly blue, and mostly under skin.
Eyes – hard to distinguish
colors diluted in salt water;
Blue is a guess and mate is never about chess.

Neck- circumference from your pinky to thumb
ticklish but mostly never still and
Belly always flat, no rhythm of its own.
Breast – don’t even go there
it’s too close to my dreams;
Pain is bliss and words of love can spoil a lover’s kiss.

Mouth – used to be busy
and oval when …you know and
Fingers are useless without a hand in reach.
Hair- stronger than rope
untangles harder when is wet;
Wet is good and hunger is never about food.

Mind – a clear eco
after a very loud last night and
Logic a small puzzle reconstructed at demand.
Reason-I’ll show you mine, you show me yours instead
Because you’re right, I am someone without you;
Now…please come back to bed.



Oddity of only you

Your hands- a safe as good as any
mostly opened but griping life to death and
Skin purple on the bruises so your blood runs blue.
Eyes – hard to distinguish
reflections diluted in salt water;
I never dream in colors, so you must be true.

Size- ten and a half determined,
my heart can testify to that and
Tall, titans would stare at you if they were real.
Neck- I kiss your Adam’s apple
and listen life throb steady;
You spoil my kleptomania and give me breaths to steal.

Mouth- keeps me wrinkled
and smart, so must be good and
Hair even when pulled, I’m still the one to scream.
Muscles – soft when I’m cradled
lift burdens without breaking;
I smell like happiness, that’s how I know you’re clean.

Mind – the first sound
before the eco followed and
Logic …oh, you’re a fan of that.
Reason – I showed you mine, you say I’m yours instead
And I was right , you’re still so clear to me
Even hours after you left our bed.

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1 zi la 2 zile de V-day
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